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Customer Protection Plan


4 years CPP

4 years Tire & Wheel

5 years Paint & Fabric

6 years GAP Insurance


4 Years CPP

Covers all of the mechanical items in the trailer, covers slide seals, $1,000 for towing, $100 for food spoilage, $250 for LP failure, $275 for Pet Benefit, and $750 for emergency transportation. This covers mechanical, electrical, slide seals and gaskets on your RV.

4 Years Tire and Wheel

Covers the tires and wheels on the trailer as well as the tow vehicle due to road hazard, ie: metal, nails, glass, debris, potholes or blowouts.

5 Years Paint and Fabric Protection

It will cover exterior surfaces from damage caused from oxidation, bird droppings, acid rain, weather induced fading and tree sap. For the interior it eliminates 99.9% or microbes and germs that cause bacteria and viruses.

6 Years GAP Insurance

Pays off the balance of the loan that the insurance company doesn't cover, in the event of a total loss.